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The forthcoming '15' series of number plates are due to be released this December. For this specific release, fierce competition is expected due to the unusually high number of distinct representations of words and names. Not only that, the faithfulness of the new 15 reg representations is expected to rival that of the 11 series number plates (remember HO11 AND, HE11 ENS and RO11 AND?). Consequently, the odds of securing your DVLA '15' plate are low. Plate Master however, has a well developed and tested system that was specifically designed for securing the new 15 series registrations for the moment of release. Based on our success during previous releases, we have a very high chance of securing any number of DVLA 15 reg plates. Only Plate Master has use of this unique technology.

As you are probably aware, 15 series private number plates can only be assigned to vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2015. However, you can buy and keep one on a certificate indefinitely and so you don’t actually need to own a brand new vehicle. You may be considering a DVLA 15 plate as an investment. We consider this a good idea since the DLVA 15 series will mark the end of the best of what is to come. Consider BR15 TOL and AL15 SON for example. Such a series presents a unique opportunity to make wise investments. As mentioned earlier, the previous 11 series bestowed the number plates industry with a record number of elite registrations. If any range can, the ‘15’ series will rival the ‘11’ series. The variety of combinations is especially broad and diverse with magnificent representations of names and words. The number 15 can represent the following combination of letters:-

"iS", "LS", "S", "TS", "Si" and "H"

In the standard number plate font, “iS” and “LS” are almost identical to the number “15”. This generates a very wide range of attractive name and word representations. The releases of the ‘15’ reg plates will make available literally thousands of distinctive permutations. Stand by! Check out some stunning examples here

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Just keep in mind that we operate a first come, first served system and that if you choose to try and secure a 15 registration yourself, your chances of success are slim. The DVLA’s website tends to grind to a halt during the release, particularly over the first thirty minutes and you may find that you have to continually start over. During this time, your 15 plate could be secured by a dealer or a lucky member of the public. Don’t lose out to the competition. This is a one off prospect. Find out how to by a 15 series number plate now. Statistically, Plate Master has a very high chance of securing any 15 registration number during the scuffle this December. However, in the unlikely event that we fail to secure your registration, you would receive a full and immediate refund, as stated in our standard agreement. Any questions, please contact us.

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Points to note!

  • New vehicles registered on or after March 1st 2015 will be on a 15 plate
  • For the diary - The 15 regs will be released in December 2014. Register your interest today!
  • You don't need to own a vehicle to buy a '15' reg plate - see insert

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