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This December sees the release of the attractive ’16’ series of registration plates. This series is amongst the most appealing from the current style of number plates, alongside the 11 and 15 series. One reason being is that the number 16 faithfully represents the letters “iG”. We can expect some very distinctive DVLA '16' plates. Several eye-catching names and words will be ushered in this December. For example, WR16 HTS and FL16 HTS. As expected, such alluring DVLA 16 reg plates will accompany stern competition. It is very likely that history will repeat itself and so the chances of securing your cherished new 16 reg will be slim, especially if it’s distinctive. Fortunately, here at Plate Master, we have dedicated technology that has stood the test of time, demonstrating a high success rate of securing new release number plates. Our solution is essentially software based. This maximises the odds of securing any specified new 16 series registration.

The law of transferring private number plates to vehicles means that the new 16 series of registrations can be assigned only to vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2016. However, even if you will not be in possession of a new enough vehicle, you can still purchase a DVLA 16 plate and keep it on a certificate (of entitlement) for an indefinite period. Further, this purchase option suggests that the DLVA 16 series plates can be bought as an investment. Our best advice on this thought is to choose your investment registration wisely. Do your research well in advance. Understand the market and gain the advantage over other investors. Then, all you need do is rely on us to complete the initiative and secure your ‘16’ series reg. The DVLA 16 series is one of the last attractive ranges that remain. As with the 15 series, the selection of permutations will be extensive. The number 16 can represent the following combination(s) of letters:-

“iG”, “LG”, “G”, ”ib”, “Lb”, “b”, “ia” and “a”

The standard vehicle registration plate font demonstrates that “iG” and “LG” geometrically reflect the number “16”. This will spawn a widespread range of striking versions of names and words. The ‘16’ reg plates release will make accessible thousands of distinguishing number plates. See some striking examples here

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Be warned that the DVLA’s website has a habit of halting (or crashing) during the first hour of a release. During this period, only a lucky few manage to get through and secure a registration, rendering it a lottery. You may find yourself simply not being able to progress past the first page of their website. Meanwhile, your cherished 16 plate could be secured by a lucky member of the public or a number plate dealer. Don’t risk losing out. If you choose to go alone, your chances of securing a 16 registration number are slim. We can help you but do keep in mind that we operate on a first come, first served basis. Discover how to buy a 16 series number plate through us. Using our specialised technology, we have a high probability of securing any 16 registration. However, you would receive a full and immediate refund, if the improbable were to happen and we fail to secure your registration. This is stated in our standard agreement. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Points to note!

  • Vehicles registered on or after March 1st 2016 will be on a 16 plate
  • The 16 regs will be released in December 2015. Register your interest ASAP!
  • You don't need a vehicle to own a '16' reg plate - see our insert

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