FAQs - Buying A Number Plate

Welcome to our most popular questions section for buying a private plate.

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How long does it take to transfer a private plate?

Transfer times can vary from four days to six weeks depending on the type of transfer and factors beyond our control such as the processing and response times of third bodies, for example, the DVLA and the postal service. In addition, the promptness of buyers and / or sellers to supply the necessary documents should also be taken into account. The typical transfer times are indicated below:

Self-Transfer – V750 certificate supplied: Usually four days from the point of payment clearance. This is where we supply a certificate entitling the purchaser the right to a registration mark. The purchaser has twelve months (can be extended) to assign the registration mark to a vehicle.

Full transfer – V750 / V778 certificate to vehicle: Between ten days to five weeks from the point of payment clearance. We complete the transfer / assignment of the registration mark to a vehicle for you. We will require the V5 registration document and the vehicle’s MOT certificate (if applicable). Keep in mind that the transfer process cannot commence until we have received these documents.

Vehicle to vehicle transfer: This can take between six to twelve weeks (worst case) from the point of payment clearance. We handle the entire transfer procedure and depend on the swiftness of the buyer and seller to send us the relevant documents and the processing latency of the DVLA and the postal service.

Vehicle to V778 certificate transfer: Approximately three to five weeks from the point of payment clearance. Again, we handle the transfer process and depend on the supply time of the seller’s documents. As in all transfer cases we depend on the timings of third parties, namely the DVLA and the postal service.

Please note that we do aim to complete the transfer process as swiftly as possible but as mentioned, we depend on other parties. To enable us to focus our resources on the work involved we would appreciate any progress requests by email instead of via telephone. Email us at admin@platemaster.com and please remember to quote the registration mark.

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