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I would like to do the transfer myself after ordering my personal registration. What happens after I have placed my order?

A registration mark can be supplied on a certificate entitling the stated ‘nominee’ the rights to the registration. As soon as your payment has cleared, we will arrange to have the certificate modified with your name as the nominee. To avoid any potential problems, the nominee name you supply us should be stated exactly as it appears on the V5 registration document of the recipient vehicle. Please check this.

Usually, we dispatch certificates within five working days of payment clearance to the address of the purchaser. Unless you renew your certificate every twelve months (standard DVLA fee of £25), you have twelve months to assign it to a vehicle. A certificate is ideal if you don’t have a vehicle yet or if the cherished registration is a gift, since the vehicle’s documents are not needed until the time of assignment. There is no limit to the amount of time that you can retain a registration mark on a certificate.

The certificate has full instructions on the reverse side, but essentially, when you are ready to assign, you need to take or post to your local DVLA office, the vehicle’s V5 registration document, MOT certificate (if applicable) and state the vehicle’s tax expiry date (do not post your tax disc). You will need the original documents, not copies. The DVLA will issue a replacement tax disc and MOT certificate. As soon as you have these in your possession you should attach the new number plates to your vehicle. The replacement V5 registration document will arrive through the post in due course.

If you need to tax your vehicle, you should be able to do this at the same time should you choose to visit your local DVLA office. You will also need a valid MOT certificate for the vehicle.

There is no additional cost for assigning the registration to a vehicle since the transfer fee will have already been paid.

Search for your local DVLA office.

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