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These days many motorists enjoy adding accessories to their vehicles, especially private number plates with the last ten years seeing a huge growth in this industry. Personalised number plates extend their vehicles, giving them a distinctive quality. People like individuality. Currently there are over 30 million personal number plates actually available, with prices ranging from about £100 to tens of thousands and in some cases over £100K. Therefore, there are personal number plates affordable for almost everyone. Valuing personal number plates correctly takes knowledge and experience of number plate dealers, and there is a whole range of factors that determine the market value of a personal plate.

Generally, the age and novelty of a number plate are the principal factors governing its value. Older plates tend to command a higher price and also tend to be rarer since there are less of them. Fewer numeric digits in a registration plate also drive the value up, with '1s' being the most sought after and therefore the most expensive. In addition, the range of number digits in each series released has an effect on the price. For example, when the 'A' prefix series was released, the range was 1 to 20, (e.g., A2 SAM and A20 ABC), and for the 'S' prefix series it was 1 to 999, though not inclusive (e.g., S444 MAC and S123 APJ). Keep in mind that the older the registration plate the more vehicles it can be assigned to.

The popularity of initials has a bearing on the value of personal number plates. The more popular the initials, the higher the registration plate will be priced at. The most valuable are the shortest, dateless registrations with one number and one letter. Dateless number plates (originally referred to as cherished number plates) are so called since they have no age identifier. An example of such a type would be the cherished registration A 1.

Private registration plates faithfully representing words are also valued highly. For example, W4 TER and AR53 NAL. Since these number plates are very appealing, and given the fact that not many number plate variations on the words exist, the age makes less difference. Many more of these are due for release by the DVLA in future years. All number plate dealers eagerly await forthcoming DVLA personalised registrations. Believe us, there are some stunning number plates due for release. A series of F prefix registration plates were released recently, specifically for the number range 1 to 20. The F registration plates certainly fulfilled the promise to deliver a feast of quality number plates, ranging from words to names and popular initials. Read more about F number plates.

There is no sign yet of the private number plate market declining, with sales increasing annually. The value of personalized number plates also seems to be growing year by year. It seems that the British publics' fascination with these novelty pieces is on the rise. Given the quantity of registration number plates on the road it's no surprise. Finally, if you don't wish to assign a personal registration plate to your vehicle, you can buy one as an investment. Given the yearly increase in number plate prices, many investors have capitalised on this exciting market.

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