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Welcome to our province of number plate facts, the zone of registration fascination. The phenomenon of British motor vehicle registration identification is well established with the industry showing no sign of retreating. If you’re interested in buying private number plates or are simply curious to discover what powers the allure of personalised number plates, then take a tour of our dedicated facts base.

Ever ponder what the most expensive plate in the UK or, for that matter, the World is? Wondered when the first number plate was issued in the UK? Have you considered what determines the value of a registration plate? Learn about history, interesting stories and discover what plates the celebrities have. Inform yourself with the facts and figures of the number plate world.

Consider this fact: You don’t have to own a vehicle to purchase a personalised number plate! It can be held on a government certificate and assigned to a vehicle when you are ready. This makes a private plate gift the ideal present, especially for a 21st birthday or an anniversary number plate gift.

Most expensive plates – A count down of the UK’s top 20 most expensive private plates plus a look at some of the World’s most highly priced registrations.

Celebrity plates – See what plates have been made famous by the famous.

Number plate prices – What determines the price of number plates? There are several factors. Get an idea of how to estimate the value of your own plate.

Classic plates – Take a look at some of the most cherished number plates of the last 100 years.

Number plate history – Discover the wealth of facts since registration number plates were first introduced in the early twentieth century.

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