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I am new to this. How does it work?

It's actually quite simple...

Search / browse for a new number plate > Choose the transfer type > Choose a payment method > Transfer Process Initiated

First, use our easy to use search facility to browse for and find a new private registration number. Next, simply select your transfer option. Choose either:

(a) Our free full transfer service - We will liaise with DVLA to have the vehicle documents amended. We will need you to post the i) V5C registration document (log book) and if applicable, ii) the MOT certificate. Transfer is usually completed within two weeks.

(b) A self transfer (certificate supplied) - We can supply the new registration number on a certificate (V750 or V778) and you can assign to a vehicle when you are ready, simply taking or posting the vehicle documents and the certificate to a local DVLA office. This is convenient if you do not yet have a vehicle (you needn't send us any documents). Following payment clearance, the certificate should be with you in about four days.

Then, complete our simple online form with your details and specify what's called the nominee name. This is the name stated on the V5C registration document of the recipient vehicle. If there is not yet a vehicle, specify the name that a potential vehicle will be registered under. However, it is possible to purchase a private plate without specifying a nominee name.

Finally, proceed to checkout. You will find that all payment methods are available (Credit / debit card, PayPal, Google Checkout, bank transfer and cheque / postal order).

Then, sit back and relax! For either transfer option, as soon as you have the replacement tax disk, you can attach the new number plates to the vehicle. All done!

For your peace of mind, full instructions will be emailed or posted - everything you need to know. If the private plate is for a gift, you can request that we keep it a secret.

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