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How long will it take to transfer a new registration to my vehicle?

Usually, this can take between four days and two weeks depending on your purchase option and factors that are beyond our control. You can choose to have a personalised registration supplied on a certificate allowing you to complete the transfer yourself when you are ready. Known as a self-transfer, you should allow approximately four days for delivery of the certificate following payment clearance. This is provided the registration had never been previously issued*.

Alternatively, you can use our free transfer service. Following payment clearance and the receipt of your vehicle documents, the transfer process should be completed in approximately 2 weeks, by which time you can attach the plastic number plates to your vehicle. Again, this is provided the registration number had never been previously issued*. The documents we need are the V5C registration document and if applicable, the MOT certificate.

*For registration marks that have been previously issued and thus are held on what's called a retention certificate (V778) or reside on a vehicle, the total transfer time can take between two and six weeks. This is because there are further factors beyond our control including the delivery timing of seller's / purchaser's documents. Please see this transfer FAQ for further details.

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