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I want to transfer the registration myself. How do I go about it?

It's actually quite simple. You can choose to have the registration mark supplied on a certificate (a V750 or a V778), usually in about four days. Known as a self-transfer, the new personalised registration can be assigned to a vehicle when convenient. Essentially, to complete the transfer, take or post to a local DVLA office, the vehicle's V5C registration document, MOT certificate (if applicable) together with the completed certificate we send you (we will have completed most sections; the rest is simple enough and instructions are provided).

Please note; there is no additional cost for subsequently assigning the registration to a vehicle since the transfer fee will have already been paid.

You will need the original documents, not copies. The DVLA will issue a substitute tax disc and MOT certificate, if applicable. As mentioned, there is no charge for this. As soon as you have the replacement documents you should attach the new number plates to your vehicle. The replacement V5C registration document will arrive through the post in due course.

As soon as your payment has cleared, we will arrange to have the certificate modified with the name you specify, known as the nominee. To avoid any inconvenience, please ensure that this nominee name is exactly as stated on the V5C registration document of the recipient vehicle. It is best to check this first. If there is not yet a vehicle, please specify the name intended to be registered on a potential vehicle's V5 registration document.

Please see the self-transfer FAQ for further details.

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