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Can I reserve new registrations before release (15s, 65s, 16s etc…)?

Register your interest with us as soon as you can. Why? Using our specially developed software, we are able to protect our customers from losing out to the competition (including other dealers) on the release days of all new series. Statistically, there is actually a 98.2% probability of us securing any new series registration on release day. This figure is based on our previous success rate. Our policy is first come first served and you don't have to pay a deposit. You can keep a new reg on a certificate indefinitely, so you don't even need a vehicle.

Plate Master has an impeccable and unequalled track record of securing registrations on release days for clients. You can register your interest with us for an unlimited number a future number plates. DVLA registrations can only be purchased online and it's not surprising that on release days there exists ferocious opposition which in turn reduces the likelihood of securing your chosen registration yourself, especially ones of high interest.

Please register your interest here. Alternatively, please contact us here or request a telephone call back to discuss anything. Don't lose out to the competition! We have the knowledge, the experience and above all, the technology to give our clients the best chance.

Make a note of these release dates:

Release monthSeriesExampleRelease monthSeriesExample
December 201213AB13 OTTJune 201565AB67 ABC
June 201363AN63 LASDecember 201516FL16 HTS
December 201314DR14 GONJune 201666MA66 OTS
June 201464MA64 RETDecember 201617BA17 ARD
December 201415BRI5 TOLJune 201767AB67 ABC

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