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How to buy a private number plate

Buying private number plates through Plate Master is easy

Search and browse

Simply use either our basic quick private number plate search or our personalised number plate advanced search to find yourself a unique private number plate. You can enter almost anything, your full name, initials, words or an actual registration number. If using your name it's best to enter your full name in the full name search box as first name, middle initial and last name, one in each box. You'll get better number plate results. Once you have entered your number plate search criteria, click the Search button.

Depending on your search criteria you may get more than one list of registration plate results displayed together on the same page with each list potentially spread over several sub-pages. These can be individually navigated. In addition, there are tools for expanding around certain groups of results and tools for re-ordering results for your convenience, for example list registration plates by price or by year. You will find this approach user friendly as it helps to filter results as you browse for your registration plate.

Where results groups are spread over more than one page, the previous and next arrows at the top of each group are used to navigate from page to page.

Buy form and purchase options

If you have chosen a number plate to buy, simply click on the buy now button to the right of the number plate. This will take you to the purchase page displaying the all-inclusive total for your cheap private number plate, the purchase options, the anticipated arrival / completion date and a simple form to complete.

Select your number plate purchase options:

  • Our full free cheap plate transfer service. You can take advantage of our transfer facility and let us handle the entire procedure free of charge. For this service you will need to post us the vehicle’s V5 registration document (log book), MOT certificate (if applicable) and simply state the tax expiry date (do not post us your tax disc). The anticipated transfer completion date will be stated on this page.
  • Self-transfer. Alternatively, you can have your number plate supplied on a certificate, usually within four days of purchase. We do not need your vehicle documents. You can then take or post your certificate, together with the vehicle’s documents to your local DVLA office when you are ready to assign the registration number to a vehicle. A certificate is ideal for gifts or if you do not yet own a vehicle. The expected arrival date of your certificate will be stated on this page.

Either way, you will receive substituted documents bearing your new registration number following transfer completion.

Just complete and submit the short form requesting your basic contact details and the *nominee name. You can make any special preferences here such as request that we keep the transfer a secret, for surprise gifts.


You will then be presented with several payment options. You can purchase your new cheap private number plate online with your credit or debit card, via PayPal or Google Checkout, directly from your bank account (online or in branch), deposit cash at any Barclays bank or by cheque, postal order or bankers draft.

You may wish to telephone us on 01642 363030 before you decide to purchase a private number plate. Feel free.

Then, simply sit back and relax. If you requested our free number plate transfer service, all your replacement documents will be sent to you, by which time you can attach the new private number plates to your vehicle. The transfer process is usually completed within ten days of payment clearance.

Full instructions will be emailed and posted - we will send you a letter with everything you need to know.

And that's it!!

*Nominee name
This is the name stated on the recipient vehicle's V5 registration document. It's important that you specify this EXACTLY is it appears on this document. If there is no vehicle, then simply specify the name exactly as it will appear on any future V5 registration document.

If you do not have the nominee name to hand, don’t worry. You can still go ahead with the purchase but you will need to provide us with the nominee name as soon as you have it, preferably within a few days.

Alternatively, you do not have to specify a nominee name at all, but you will need to add one before the registration number can be assigned to a vehicle. This will cost a standard DVLA fee of £25, so it’s best to provide us with the nominee name at your earliest convenience.

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