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New vehicles registered on or after March 1st, 2015 will be on a "15" number plate.


If you won’t be buying a new vehicle that will be first registered in the UK on or after 1st March 2015, you don’t need to worry. You can still purchase a 15 plate and maintain it indefinitely on a certificate. When you are ready, you can assign to a qualifying vehicle. If you cannot think up your ideal 15 reg plate but have some criteria, please contact us. We would be delighted to assist. We have software that uncovers representations of your criteria. Beat the competition to your ideal new 15 registration. Just keep in mind one thing; it’s first come first served. Contact us today or request a call back.

Using the search box above, you can explore the range of forthcoming 15 registrations or find a 15 plate representing your name or a meaningful word. Or take a look at some spectacular examples of what is to come below.

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Browse through these inspiring 15 registrations to get some ideas.

AL15 HAS - Alisha's AL15 HAW - Ali Shaw AL15 ONS - Alison's
AL15 ONX - Alison X AL15 SAS - Alissa's AL15 SON - Alison
AL15 TER - Alister AN15 TON - Aniston AN15 WER - Answer
AR15 NAL - Arsenal BA15 HAR - Bashar BA15 SET - Basset
BE15 TEY - Bestie BO15 SES - Bosses BO15 TON - Bolston
BR15 TOL - Bristol BR15 TOW - Bristow BU15 ARA - Bulsara
BU15 MAN - Bus man BU15 SBY - Busby BU15 SES - Busses
BU15 TED - Busted BU15 TER - Buster CA15 PER - Casper
CA15 SEY - Cassey CA15 TLE - Castle CA15 UAL - Casual
CH15 ELS - Chisels CH15 ENG - Chiseng CH15 HAM - Chisham
CO15 HAW - Colshaw CO15 MOS - Cosmos CR15 SEY - Crissey
CR15 TAL - Cristal CR15 TAN - Cristan CU15 HAW - Culshaw
CU15 TOM - Custom DA15 EYS - Daisey's DA15 HER - Dasher
DE15 GNS - Designs DE15 MND - Desmond DR15 HAW - Dr Shaw
DU15 TED - Dusted DY15 ONS - Dyson's EA15 TER - Easter
ED15 SON - Edisson EL15 BTH - Elisabeth EL15 DON - Elsdon
EL15 HAS - Elisha's EL15 TON - Eliston FA15 ALS - Faisal's
FA15 SAL - Faisal FO15 TER - Foster GA15 KET - Gasket
GA15 MAN - Gas man GE15 HAS - Geishas GR15 HAM - Grisham
HA15 EEM - Haseem HE15 KEY - Heskey HU15 AYN - Hussain
HU15 LER - Hustler HU15 SAN - Hussan HU15 SEY - Hussey
JA15 ONS - Jason's JA15 PER - Jasper JA15 SON - Jason
JE15 CCA - Jesicca JE15 SEY - Jessey JE15 TER - Jester
JO15 EPH - Joseph JU15 TYN - Justyn KA15 HMR - Kashmir
KA15 SEY - Kassey KR15 HNA - Krishna KR15 SYS - Krissy's
LA15 ERS - Lasers LA15 TER - Laister LE15 LEY - Leisley
LE15 TER - Leicester LE15 URE - Leisure MA15 ONS - Maisons
MA15 TER - Master MC15 HAW - McShaw MC15 TAY - McStay
MO15 CHE - Mosche MO15 COW - Moscow MO15 LEY - Moisley
MO15 SES - Moses MU15 CAL - Musical MU15 CLE - Muscle
MU15 TAF - Mustaf MU15 TFA - Mustafa MY15 TRY - Mystry
NA15 EEM - Naseem NE15 SON - Nelsson PA15 CAL - Pascal
PA15 LEY - Paisley PA15 SAT - Passat PA15 SER - Passer
PO15 HER - Posher PO15 SON - Poison PU15 ARS - Pulsars
PU15 SEY - Pussey RA15 CLE - Rascle RE15 CUE - Rescue
RE15 ULT - Result RO15 ANN - Rosanne RO15 TON - Roiston
RU15 ELL - Russell SA15 HAS - Sasha's SC15 SOR - Scissor
SU15 ANE - Susanne SU15 SEX - Sussex TR15 HAS - Trisha's
TR15 TAN - Tristan TW15 TED - Twisted TY15 SON - Tyson
UL15 SES - Ulysses UR15 ULA - Ursula WA15 ALL - Walsall
WA15 HAW - Walshaw WA15 HXX - Walsh XX WA15 ONS - Watson's
WH15 KEY - Whisky WR15 HTS - Wright's XL15 ASX - X Lisa's X
XM15 TRY - X Mistry XG15 ELA - X Gisela YA15 AAR - Yasaar
YA15 EEM - Yaseem YA15 SAF - Yassaf YO15 EPH - Yoseph

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Points to note!

  • New vehicles registered on or after March 1st 2015 will be on a 15 plate
  • For the diary - The 15 series will be released in December 2014. Register your interest today!
  • You don't need to own a vehicle to buy a '15' plate - see insert

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