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Vehicles registered from 1st March 2016 will be on a "16" number plate.

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Do not be concerned if you will not be in possession of a vehicle new enough to qualify for a new 16 reg. I.e., vehicles registered from 1st March 2016. A 16 plate can be purchased and retained indefinitely on a certificate. If you subsequently gain ownership of a new enough vehicle, you can assign the new number plate. If you need any help in choosing your ideal 16 reg plate, it would be our pleasure to lend a helping hand. We can use your criteria to uncover potential combinations. Ones that you may not have even considered. However, we must make you aware that we practice a first come, first served system. Contact us today and let us help you beat the competition. You can request a call back too.

Explore the extensive range of the new 16 registrations using the search box above. See what names or words may be represented as a 16 plate. Alternatively, inspire yourself with some stunning examples below – a taste of what is to come.

Discover how to buy a new DVLA 16 reg.

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XA16 NES - X Agnes AB16 DUL - Abdul AB16 ALE - Abigale
XG16 SON - X Gibson AL16 RTO - Alberto AL16 ABA - Ali Baba
AL16 ERT - Albert AL16 NED - Aligned AL16 URN - Allburn
AL16 ATE - Allgate AL16 OOD - All Good AM16 LER - Ambler
AM16 USH - Ambush AN16 ELA - Angela AN16 ELO - Angelo
AN16 LER - Angler AN16 LES - Angles AU16 UST - August
AV16 TOR - Aviator BE16 UTY - Beauty BE16 RDE - Belgrade
BE16 LEY - Beigley BL16 KES - Blakes BO16 ART - Bogart
BR16 ETT - Brigitte BR16 GGS - Briggs BR16 HTS - Brights
BR16 MAN - Brigman BR16 TON - Brighton CA16 LES - Cables
CA16 NEY - Cagney CA16 ECK - Calbeck CL16 RKE - Clarke
CL16 RKS - Clarks CO16 ATE - Colgate DE16 CON - Deacon
DE16 ATE - Debate DE16 BEE - Debbie DE16 BRA - Debbra
DO16 LAS - Douglas DR16 GON - Dragon DR16 BLE - Dribble
DU16 LAS - Douglas DW16 HTS - Dwights EA16 LES - Eagles
ED16 ARE - Edgare EM16 ODY - Embody EN16 MAS - Enigmas
EU16 ENE - Eugene FA16 SAL - Faisal FL16 HTS - Flights
FR16 HTS - Frights GL16 ERT - Gilbert GR16 SON - Grigson
HA16 HES - Haighes HA16 ERT - Halbert HE16 HTS - Heights
HO16 ERT - Hobert HO16 SON - Hobson HO16 ATH - Hogath
HO16 ORN - Holborn HO16 ATE - Holgate HU16 HES - Hughes
JA16 AAR - Jabaar JA16 BAR - Jabbar JA16 GER - Jagger
JA16 UAR - Jaguar JO16 NNA - Joanna JO16 NNE - Joanne
JO16 GER - Jogger JU16 GLE - Juggle KE16 HLY - Keighly
KE16 LEY - Keigley KN16 HTS - Knights LE16 NNE - Leanne
LE16 ACY - Legacy LE16 ALS - Legals LE16 END - Legend
LE16 TON - Leighton MA16 NET - Magnet MA16 NUM - Magnum
MC16 ETH - McBeth MC16 ANN - McCann ME16 GAN - Meggan
MU16 RAY - Mulgray MY16 OLD - My Gold OR16 ANS - Organs
OR16 ASM - Orgasm PE16 EOT - Peugeot PE16 GEY - Peggey
RE16 ECA - Rebeca RE16 ECC - Rebecc RE16 EKA - Rebeka
RE16 EKH - Rebekh RE16 GAE - Reggae RE16 HLY - Reighly
RO16 ERT - Robert RO16 ERR - Roger RO16 ERS - Roger's
SA16 EEN - Sabeen SA16 ENA - Sabena SE16 ATE - Selgate
SH16 GGY - Shaggy SH16 BAZ - Shiabaz SP16 RKY - Sparky
ST16 CEY - Stacey SU16 TLE - Subtle TA16 GED - Tagged
TA16 GOT - Taggot TA16 BOT - Talbot TR16 UTE - Tribute
TR16 GER - Trigger TR16 HAM - Trigham TW16 GER - Twigger
TW16 LEY - Twigley UN16 ODY - Unibody UR16 ENT - Urgent
VA16 NAS - Vagnas VE16 ANS - Vegans VE16 GED - Vegged
VO16 UES - Vogues VO16 HTS - Voights WA16 ATE - Walgate
WE16 HTS - Weights WE16 ECK - Welbeck WE16 URN - Welburn
WE16 URY - Welbury WO16 URG - Wolburg WR16 GHT - Wright
WR16 HTS - Wright's WR16 LEY - Wrigley YO16 URT - Yogurt

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Points to note!

  • Vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2016 will be assigned a 16 plate
  • The 16 series will be made available in December 2015. Register your interest as soon as possible!
  • You won't actually have to own a new vehicle to buy a '16' plate - see insert

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