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Vehicles registered from 1st March 2018 will be on a "18" number plate.

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Do not be concerned if you will not be in possession of a vehicle new enough to qualify for a new 18 reg. I.e., vehicles registered from 1st March 2018. An 18 plate can be purchased and retained indefinitely on a certificate. If you subsequently gain ownership of a new enough vehicle, you can assign the new number plate. If you need any help in choosing your ideal 18 reg plate, it would be our pleasure to lend a helping hand. We can use your criteria to uncover potential combinations. Ones that you may not have even considered. However, we must make you aware that we practice a first come, first served system. Contact us today and let us help you beat the competition. You can request a call back too.

Explore the extensive range of the new 18 registrations using the search box above. See what names or words may be represented as an 18 plate. Alternatively, inspire yourself with some stunning examples below – a taste of what is to come.

Discover how to buy a new DVLA 18 reg.

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AA18 SHA - Aaisha AB18 OTT - Abbott AL18 SHA - Alisha
AL18 SON - Alison AL18 SSA - Alissa AR18 OLD - Arnold
AL18 ANA - Allana AL18 ARD - Allard AL18 DAY - All Day
AL18 SOP - Allsop AR18 ANE - Ariane AU18 REY - Aubrey
BAl8 LEY - Bailey BA18 NES - Baines BA18 DEV - Baldev
BA18 DRY - Baldry BA18 LER - Baller BA18 MER - Balmer
BA18 RAJ - Balraj BE18 LEW - Bellew BE18 TON - Belton
BL18 GHT - Blight BO18 AND - Boland BO18 TON - Bolton
BR18 DGE - Bridge BR18 GGS - Briggs BR18 GHT - Bright
CA18 NES - Caines CA18 RNS - Cairns CA18 DER - Calder
CA18 LOW - Callow CA18 LUM - Callum CA18 VER - Calver
CH18 LDS - Childs CO18 LEY - Cobley CO18 URN - Coburn
CU18 LEN - Cullen CU18 LEY - Culley CU18 LUM - Cullum
DA18 LAS - Dallas DA18 TON - Dalton DE18 RAH - Deborah
DE18 DRE - Deidre DE18 ROY - Delroy DE18 YTH - Delyth
DO18 SON - Dobson DR18 VER - Driver DW18 GHT - Dwight
EL18 ANE - Eliane EL18 JAH - Elijah EL18 NOR - Elinor
EL18 OTT - Eliott EL18 SON - Ellson EV18 SON - Evison
FA18 SAL - Faisal FA18 LON - Fallon FE18 TON - Felton
FL18 GHT - Flight FR18 DAY - Friday FR18 END - Friend
FR18 SBY - Frisby FU18 LER - Fuller FU18 TON - Fulton
GA18 NES - Gaines GA18 LEY - Galley GA18 LOP - Gallop
GO18 DEN - Golden GO18 DER - Golder GR18 GGS - Griggs
GR18 MES - Grimes GU18 LEY - Gulley GW18 LYM - Gwilym
HA18 EEB - Habeeb HA18 DER - Haider HA18 LEY - Hailey
HA18 NES - Haines HE18 ENA - Helena HO18 SON - Hobson
HO18 DEN - Holden HO18 LEY - Holley HO18 MES - Holmes
HO18 TON - Holton HU18 ERT - Hubert HU18 LAH - Hullah
JO18 SON - Jobson JO18 NER - Joiner JO18 ENE - Jolene
KA18 SER - Kaiser KA18 EEM - Kaleem KE18 RON - Keiron
KE18 LEY - Kelley KE18 SEY - Kelsey KN18 GHT - Knight
LE18 TCH - Leitch LO18 LEY - Lolley LU18 HAM - Lulham
MA18 LEY - Mabley MA18 DEN - Maiden MA18 SEY - Maisey
MA18 COM - Malcom MA18 LEY - Malley MA18 ONE - Malone
MA18 TBY - Maltby MC18 EAN - McLean MC18 EOD - McLeod
ME18 LER - Meller ME18 TON - Melton ME18 VYN - Melvyn
NE18 MES - Nelmes NE18 SON - Nelson NY18 AND - Nyland
OL18 VER - Oliver ON18 ONS - Onions OS18 ORN - Osborn
PA18 MER - Palmer PE18 RCE - Peirce PH18 PPS - Phipps
PO18 AND - Poland PO18 LEY - Polley PR18 EST - Priest
PR18 NCE - Prince PR18 TAM - Pritam PU18 HAM - Pulham
RA18 ONE - Rabone RA18 NER - Rainer RA18 PHS - Ralphs
RE18 ECA - Rebeca RE18 LEY - Reilly RO18 ERT - Robert
RO18 SON - Robson RO18 AND - Roland RY18 AND - Ryland
SA18 RAH - Sarah SA18 EEM - Saleem SA18 MON - Salmon
SA18 TER - Salter SE18 ENA - Selena SH18 ELD - Shield
SP18 CER - Spicer SP18 DER - Spider XS18 NGH - Singh
TA18 LOR - Tailor TA18 BOT - Talbot TH18 RZA - Thirza
TO18 LEY - Tolley TO18 SON - Tolson TR18 GGS - Triggs
US18 MAN - Usman WA18 GHT - Waight WA18 DEN - Walden
WA18 KER - Walker WA18 LER - Waller WA18 TER - Walter
WE18 BER - Webber WE18 NER - Weiner WE18 URN - Welburn
WH18 TBY - Whitby WO18 SEY - Wolsey WR18 GHT - Wright

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Points to note!

  • Vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2018 will be assigned a 18 plate
  • The 18 series will be made available in November 2017. Register your interest as soon as possible!
  • You won't actually have to own a new vehicle to buy a '18' plate - see insert

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