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Brand new vehicles registered on or after September 1st, 2015 will be on a "65" reg-plate.

You don’t actually need to be in possession of a brand new vehicle to own a new “65” plate. You can purchase a new 65 reg plate on a certificate and assign to a qualifying vehicle when you are ready. If you cannot find your ideal registration, please do contact us or give us a call on 01642 363030. The chances are that we will be able to find one for you. But do hurry as it’s strictly a first come first served operation. Don’t let anyone beat you to your ideal new 65 series registration.

Search the full range of 65 Registrations or find a 65 Reg spelling your name or a word using the search box above. Or browse some of the 65 New Style Regs below - here is just a small fraction of what will become available through Plate Master:-

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Here is a sample of some spectacular 65 plates we can expect

AU65 TAS - Augstas BA65 FUL - Bagsful BO65 LYN - Bobslyn
DE65 ONS - Debson's DO65 ONS - Dobson's GA65 ONS - Gabson's
GA65 TER - Gagster HA65 HAW - Habshaw HO65 ONS - Hobson's
HU65 EYS - Hubsey's JA65 ONS - Jacson's JA65 EET - Jagseet
JA65 HER - Jagsher JE65 ONS - Jebson's MO65 TER - Mobster
PU65 EYS - Pugsey's PU65 LEY - Pugsley RO65 HAW - Rob Shaw
RO65 ONS - Robson's SU65 ETS - Subsets WA65 TER - Wagster
WE65 ONS - Webson's WE65 TER - Webster BE65 AMS - Becham's
MA65 HAW - Mag Shaw ME65 WAN - Meg Swan DE65 COT - Deb Scot
PE65 ALE - Peg Sale RO65 OFY - Rob & Sofy BO65 AND - Bob Sand

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Points to note!

  • New vehicles registered on or after September 1st 2015 will be on a 65 plate
  • For the diary - The 65 series will be released in June 2015. Hurry and express your interest now!
  • You don't need to own a vehicle to buy a '65' plate - see insert

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