Why we should Buy or Invest in Private Plates

Do owning private number plates suggest people have more money than sense? No, it seems!

You’ve got a couple of hundred pounds or even a few thousand at your disposal and you’ve been tempted to join the growing club of private plate owners in the UK. So go and buy yourself one! But would that be a good thing to do? Further, what would it say about you?

A whole range of people purchase private number plates with a range of reasons. The classic one is that it’s considered an enjoyable way of personalising vehicles. Another reason is that they are often bought as presents for partners or family members and the beneficiaries are always reminded that they are loved when they drive off in their vehicles.

Not convinced that private plates are worth buying? Since the DVLA made them available for purchase in 1989, approximately £2 billion has been generated for the treasury (currently about £100 million a year). This of course ultimately benefits us all as a manifestation of roads, services and other useful things we take for granted.

Yet there is still some degree of contempt. Why? There still exists a bit of a stigma in the wake of the Eighties when number plates were the property of the rich, famous and the other so called high class members of society. The public considered this an obvious and tasteless way of exhibiting wealth. However, today, although the disparity of wealth and the social position have not changed, the general perception of plates has changed.

Private number plates were once considered an original article to own but today they are more popular than they have ever been. People are now securing them for various reasons with sales increasing every year. For a start, the range of available plates is more extensive than it was twenty five years ago. In addition to distinctive plates such and MOI4 MED, VIP 1 and 5I NGH, there are literally millions of them that although less conspicuous, are still meaningful to the individual in possession of one. In the UK, number plates are more desirable than they are in any other country.

Tempted now? Already interested? Where could you look to secure a personal registration? First, you could try searching our database. It has over 50 million of them ranging from two character registrations such as W1 through to the latest series, for example, GOII SUE. If you can’t find what you want, you could request Plate Master to bid on one for you at one of the DVLA’s auctions where the highest bidder secures the registration.

You could rely on luck and wait for someone to buy you one or inherit one when you buy a new car. And if you didn’t want it, you could sell it. Here at Plate Master, we offer a free private plate valuation service.


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