Can I sell my registration number? – The law on selling registration numbers.

Generally speaking, if the registration number is currently assigned to your vehicle you can sell it provided the vehicle is currently taxed and has a valid MOT. However, please read Number Plate Transfer Rules below prior to applying.

If the registration number is held on a certificate (V750 or V778), then provided it has not expired you can sell the registration mark. In addition, you must either be the official purchaser (grantee) or have full consent of the purchaser (grantee).

Number Plate Transfer Rules

Not all registration numbers are eligible for transfer and you are responsible for checking that your vehicle meets the criteria before applying. To use our service, please check that the following conditions are fulfilled:-

  1. The vehicle’s registration is not "non-transferrable". If your vehicle’s V5 registration document (logbook) states that the registration number is ‘non-transferrable’ then under no circumstances can it be sold.
  2. The vehicle is subject to MOT / HGV testing. Certain vehicles such as tractors and milk floats are non-testable and so are not eligible for the transfer scheme.
  3. The vehicle satisfies the tax and MOT rule. Where your vehicle is not taxed and / or MOT’d, you can still sell your registration number plate provided all the following conditions apply at the time of the transfer application:-
    • The road tax expired within six months of the transfer application
    • The MOT was valid at the time the road tax expired
    • You were the registered keeper of the vehicle at the time the road tax expired
    • The road tax expired naturally, i.e., you didn’t apply for a refund

    Note: If the MOT has expired, you can still sell your registration number provided the road tax is valid at the time of the transfer application and that you were the registered keeper of the vehicle at the time the MOT expired.

    Note: In all cases you will need to provide us with the MOT certificate, valid or expired.

  4. You have ownership rights to the registration number plate. You must be the registered keeper of the vehicle or have the full consent of the registered keeper.
  5. The vehicle must still exist. Once a vehicle has been scrapped, the registration number plate becomes void and all rights to it are lost, even if you still hold the V5 registration document. If you are considering disposing of your vehicle and wish to sell the registration number, transfer it first.

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