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The much anticipated 26 number plate series will be released in November 2025.

You can already place an order with Plate Master for your chosen 26 series registration.

Our proven track record means we are your best option for picking up your ideal registration. In previous releases we have fulfilled 98% of the orders made by private customers. Our experience in securing number plates on release day should make us your first port of call!

Buy now for later!

26 reg are only suitable for vehicles first registered in the UK from 1st March 2026. If you will not be buying a new vehicle, have no concerns. You can keep a 26 registration on a certificate for as long as you wish.

Subsequently, you can assign it to a qualifying vehicle at no additional cost since the assignment fee would have been paid already. You could secure one for an investment making a certificate ideal.

How does it work?

Around 2010, the government switched the method of selling new DVLA registrations from telesales to online only. This change provided an opportunity for Plate Master to seize upon a new market, securing new DVLA registration numbers online with dedicated software, especially over the first few moments of release.

Since the initial development of our system, many improvements have been made enabling us to cope with the intense competition of other dealers and the general public. The competition is most aggressive during the first half an hour - from the moment the number plates are made available for purchase, this is the critical period.

To date, we have enjoyed unparalleled results and we expect to achieve close to 100% success for the new 26 plates.

As with each previous series, we anticipate that the contest for the 26 series will be so severe that, should you choose to have a go yourself, the odds of securing a new 26 number plate will be low. Even lower if you go for a distinctive registration.

Using our software, we can protect you from the competition. Our track record is a testimony to our unique technology. Register your interest now. We won't even ask for a deposit.

Use our form below to make any queries or register your interest. Please bear in mind, it's first come, first served with us. We practice with high standards and we won't make more than one reservation for any specified registration. In the unlikely case that we were not to succeed in securing your '26' registration plate, we would issue a full refund as stated in the standard agreement that we send you.

We have the experience and the technology to give our customers the best odds.

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