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Cherished Number Plates Free Transfer Service

Learn about our free transfer facility

Let Plate Master do all the work for you! Simply send us your vehicle documents and we will make the necessary modifications to them, completing the transfer process, free of charge. When you have received your replacement documents you may attach the new number plates to your vehicle.

Should you opt for our transfer service during your purchase, we will request that you send us your V5 Vehicle Registration Document (also known as the log book) - the entire document will be required.

However, you can have your cherished number plate supplied on a certificate (for this we will not require your documents). This may be preferable if you want to purchase a cherished plate as a gift. When appropriate, the vehicle documents can be posted directly to the DVLA. Alternatively, you can post them to us along with the certificate we supplied you and we will complete the transfer. The choice is yours.

Note: Certificates have an expiry date. You must assign the cherished number plate to a vehicle before this expiry date, or you can extend the expiry date of the certificate for a fee.

If you have any queries, please get in touch via our contact form, by email at or call us on 01642 363030.

You can read further information about number plate transfer laws here.

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