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Selling a Number Plate FAQs

The most popular questions asked when selling a number plate

It is very likely that any queries you have will be answered here, so please take some time to have a read through.
Should you still have any queries please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Yes you can. However, please note that our valuations are based on market factors that are measured regularly. We monitor market dynamics and aim only to provide realistic valuations. Also, please do keep in mind that the lower your asking price, the higher the likelihood of selling your registration in reasonable time.

Not all registration marks qualify for transfer and you are responsible for ensuring that your registration mark qualifies before endorsing its advertisement. To apply for this service, please ensure that the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The vehicle's registration is not "non-transferrable". If the vehicle registration document (V5/logbook) states that the registration mark is non-transferrable, then under no circumstances can it be transferred to another vehicle or retained on a certificate.
  • The vehicle is subject to MOT/HGV testing. Certain vehicles such as milk floats and agricultural vehicles are non-testable and so do not qualify for the transfer scheme. Again, please refer to the vehicle's registration document.
  • The vehicle has valid tax and MOT (see exception). At the time of a transfer application the donor vehicle must have current tax (or be tax exempt) and - if over three years old - have a valid MOT. However, where this is not the case, applications will still be considered under certain circumstances (please refer to My vehicle has no MOT and/or is not currently taxed. Can I sell its registration?) In addition, all vehicles must be clearly identifiable from their chassis numbers.
  • You have ownership rights to the mark. You must be the registered keeper of the vehicle or have the full consent of the registered keeper.
  • The vehicle must still exist. Once a vehicle has been scrapped, the registration mark becomes void and all rights to it are lost, even if you still hold the registration document. If you are considering disposing of your vehicle and wish to sell the registration mark, transfer it first.

If your registration mark is held on a certificate, none of the above conditions will apply, however:

  • For marks held on certificates, the certificate must be valid. The certificate (V750 or V778) must not have expired and you must be the official purchaser (grantee) of the certificate or have the full consent of the official purchaser (grantee).

If the donor vehicle's tax and/or MOT has expired you can still sell your registration number provided all the following conditions apply at the time of the transfer application:

  • The tax expired within six months of the transfer application.
  • The MOT was valid at the time the tax expired.
  • You were the registered keeper of the vehicle at the time the tax expired.
  • The tax expired naturally, i.e., you didn't apply for a refund.

Note: If the MOT has expired, you can still sell your registration mark provided the road tax is valid at the time of the transfer application and that you were the registered keeper of the vehicle at the time the MOT expired.

A very popular question! There are several factors that determine the value of a registration number. These include age, rareness, the popularity of a represented name and how well it "reads", the popularity of initials and the lowness of the number combination (1's are the most appealing).

Market trends provide a stable guide to the valuation of registration plates and therefore careful comparisons with similar registrations at the time can provide a good indication to the value of your registration. There are other factors and for more information please see What's my plate worth?

If you agree to the proposed amount, then the transfer process would commence immediately and the entire period constitutes the following stages:

(i) Proof of ownership required. It is essential that you are able to prove ownership rights to the registration number. In cases where you do not have the rights you must, in addition, demonstrate that you are acting with the full consent of the individual with the ownership rights. You will need to provide us with a photocopy or scan of one of the following: a registration document (V5/logbook), a certificate of entitlement (V750) or a retention certificate (V778), whichever is applicable.

(ii) Buyer makes payment. Full payment is secured for you. We will hold the funds until the transfer process successfully completes.

(iii) You receive a contract. You will be sent a contract along with a formal offer. Before we can continue with the transfer you must agree to the terms and conditions and sign and return the contract along with all the necessary documents.

(iv) Documents received and processed. When both the buyer's and your documents are received, we will liase with the DVLA to complete the transfer and if applicable arrange for the re-registration of your vehicle. In time you will receive any replacement documents.

(v) You get paid! As soon as we have official confirmation from the DVLA that the transfer process is complete we will arrange your payment.

The time it takes to complete the whole process can vary between two and six weeks. Please note that we do aim to safely complete the transfer as soon as possible.

Generally speaking, no. However, under certain circumstances we would consider purchasing a registration mark directly from you. We may be interested in registrations that command high appeal including ones from the classic dateless range. If you feel that you own a prestige registration number please feel free to ask us about an immediate purchase.

We cannot give you a definite answer since the circumstances are not within our control. It could be within a week, it could take six months. Establishing a suitable asking price and the level of desirability of your registration plate are probably the most influential factors.

The best advice is to be realistic with the price and not to over-value it in order to sell your registration plate in reasonable time. What we can guarantee is that your plate will be advertised indefinitely for free until you instruct us otherwise.

It's pretty straightforward. Fill in the valuation form and you will receive an email with a link to your personal sell-a-plate management page. From there, you are able to adjust the suggested return figures as you see fit and consent to the advertising of your registration mark(s). Then, we will market your registration indefinitely until it sells or until you advise otherwise. As and when an offer is made, we will contact you immediately, by telephone, post, email and/or SMS.

Remember this is a free service and in return, all we ask is that you notify us should you no longer wish to advertise your registration mark for sale through us or should it no longer be available.

No. There is no charge for this. The DVLA will issue a replacement registration number of the appropriate age as part of the transfer process. If your vehicle already has a personalised registration mark, then usually the DVLA will re-assign the original mark.

No. Plate Master will liase with the DVLA to arrange a replacement registration number and you will be notified promptly as to when you should attach the replacement number plates to your vehicle. The replacement registration mark will be appropriate to the age of your vehicle.

There are different types of transfer and you will receive payment when appropriate evidence of the transfer completion becomes available:

If your registration is being transferred from your vehicle to the purchaser's vehicle, transfer completion is officially recognised when the DVLA has concluded the re-registration of your vehicle. Plate Master will release funds to you when a photocopy or high quality scan of your vehicle's replacement registration document (V5/logbook) is received from you.

If your registration mark is held on a certificate, you will receive payment when the registration mark has been assigned to the purchaser's vehicle and we receive evidence of this from the DVLA.

Where the purchaser does not wish to transfer the registration number to a vehicle but prefers to hold on a certificate, payment will be made when Plate Master has received the modified certificate of entitlement (V750) or, if transferred off your vehicle, the retention certificate (V778).

Please note: if applicable, you should not dispose of your vehicle until the transfer process is complete as the rights to the registration mark may be lost. I.e., transfer the registration mark then dispose of the vehicle.

Upon finding a potential purchaser we will promptly contact you by whichever means you have made available to us; by telephone, email, SMS messaging and/or by post. It is therefore a good idea to ensure that your details with us are kept up to date. Once created, you can use your personal sell-a-plate management page to modify your details. This can be accessed from the link we sent you in our correspondence emails.

Our pricing structure is simple. We will advertise your registration at a price that is the sum of the agreed return figure, the relevant DVLA processing fees plus our modest commission.

The DVLA fees depend on the status of the registration number and what the purchaser requires. Typically, for a registration number transferred from a vehicle, they are £80 and from a certificate, £80. The DVLA fees cover the administration associated with generating replacement documents and the updating tax records etc.

Our commission depends on the value of the registration mark but we guarantee that we will make less of a profit than any other dealer increasing the likelihood of selling your registration in a given period of time. Our commission will always be transparent.

No. It is vital to wait for transfer process to be concluded before you sell or scrap your vehicle. The transfer process is officially completed when you have received your replacement documents and if you dispose of your vehicle beforehand, you may lose entitlement to the registration mark and therefore no longer be able to sell it.

You are free to cancel your agreement before a buyer is found by notifying us via your personal sell-a-plate management page where you can remove your plate(s) from sale. This can be accessed from the link we sent you in our correspondence emails.

Alternatively, you may notify us by sending written confirmation to Plate Master, 21 Manor Way, Belasis Hall Technology Park, Billingham, Cleveland TS23 4HN or emailing us at

Upon request, it will be necessary to send us the relevant documents in order to action the transfer/assignment of your registration mark. If the mark is currently on a vehicle, we will need the registration document (V5/logbook). If your registration number is held on a certificate we will need this signed in the appropriate section and posted to us. Where applicable, we will return to you the vehicle's replacement documents at the concluding stage of the transfer. We recommend that you use recorded delivery when sending such documents.

Yes of course. There is no time when you cannot drive your vehicle on the public highway if it is taxed and has a valid MOT at the time. The ownership rights to the vehicle will remain the same.

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