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Selling a Plate General Conditions

Selling a Registration Mark through Plate Master Ltd.

Plate Master will endeavour to market the Seller's Registration Mark and accommodate the entire Transfer and any vehicle re-registration process, free of charge, subject to the Seller's compliance with obligations set out in these Terms and Conditions.


  • Seller - is the person or organisation willing to surrender the rights to a vehicle registration mark(s) through facilities provided by Plate Master Ltd.
  • Buyer - is the person or organisation who for themselves or another, wish to gain the rights to a vehicle registration mark(s) through facilities provided by Plate Master Ltd, in exchange for an agreed financial figure.
  • Plate Master - is the company undertaking the marketing, administration and legal transfer process of the registration mark(s) submitted by the seller.
  • Donor vehicle - the vehicle from which the registration mark is being transferred.
  • Recipient vehicle - the vehicle to which the registration mark is being transferred.
  • Registration Mark - the unique number and letter arrangement identifying a vehicle issued by the DVLA.
  • Number Plates - the physical plates displaying the registration mark attached to the vehicle.
  • Transfer - refers to the procedure of moving a vehicle registration mark from one vehicle to another.
  • Assignment - the transfer of the vehicle registration mark from a government certificate (Certificate of Entitlement or a Retention Certificate) to a vehicle.
  • DVLA Cherished Transfer Scheme - the DVLA scheme permitting the public to transfer the rights to vehicle registration marks upon the fulfilment of rules and payment of appropriate fees.
  • MOT - a test concluding a vehicle is road worthy, issued by the Department of Transport. Vehicles registered in mainland Britain require this certificate once they are over 3 years old.
  • Certificate of Entitlement or v750 - a Department of Transport document that entitles the grantee (original purchaser) the right to assign a previously un-issued vehicle registration mark to a qualifying vehicle.
  • Retention Certificate or v778 - a Department of Transport document that entitles the grantee the right to assign a previously issued vehicle registration mark that beforehand, had been transferred from a qualifying vehicle.
  • DVLA Fees - fees payable to the DVLA for the transfer or assignment of vehicle registration marks or for certificate amendments and extensions.

(1) Where the Seller is not the documented keeper of the vehicle to which he Registration Mark is assigned (or the grantee of the holding certificate V750 / V778) it will be assumed that the Seller is acting with the full authority of the keeper (or grantee).

(2) Following a completed and successful Transfer to the Buyer's vehicle or to a Retention Certificate (v778) the net payment that will be returned to you will be the amount stated on the sell a plate agreement form (our returned valuation) except where you have authorised Plate Master to accept a lower offer.

(3) Transfer completion is officially realized when the DVLA has finalised the re-registration of the Donor vehicle, i.e., you have received the Donor vehicle's replacement registration document (V5 log book). Plate Master will release funds to you immediately upon receipt of a photocopy or high quality scan of this document. Please note: you should not dispose of your vehicle until such a time otherwise the rights to the Registration Mark may be lost. I.e., transfer the Registration Mark then dispose of the vehicle.

Where the Registration Mark is held on a certificate, payment will be made when the Registration Mark has been assigned to the Recipient vehicle and evidence of this has been acquired from the DVLA.

Where the Buyer does not wish to Assign the Registration Mark to a vehicle but instead hold on a certificate, payment will be made when Plate Master has received the modified Certificate of Entitlement (v750) or Retention Certificate (v778) from the DVLA.

(4) Plate Master will not be liable for any losses incurred by the Seller due to any delay associated with the receipt of required documents from the Buyer or if, at any stage, the Buyer retreats from the purchase of the Registration Mark.

(5) The Seller undertakes to provide Plate Master all necessary vehicle or Registration Mark documents upon request to facilitate the Transfer process as soon as possible, granting all necessary consent and signatures of authority. Please note that recorded delivery is recommended.

(6) If requested by the DVLA, the Seller agrees to make available for inspection, the vehicle to which the Registration Mark is assigned, to the DVLA at the time specified time. This is to verify that the chassis numbers specified on the V5 registration document and the Donor vehicle match. If applicable, the Recipient vehicle may be requested for inspection too.

(7) At the time of a vehicle to vehicle Transfer or retention to a certificate, the Donor vehicle must be taxed and where of an appropriate age, have a valid MOT. However, if the road tax expired within the last six months, a Transfer may still be permitted, provided the Donor vehicle had a valid MOT at the time and the Tax expired naturally i.e., was not refunded.

Similarly, provided you were the registered keeper of the vehicle at the time when the MOT was valid, you have up to six months from the expired date of the MOT to effect a Transfer, so as long as the road tax was valid at the time of the MOT expiry.

(8) Not all Registration Marks can be transferred and the Seller is responsible for ensuring that the Registration Mark is not "non-transferable". The vehicle's registration document states whether the Registration Mark is non-transferable. Non-testable vehicles, such as tractors, are not eligible for the DVLA Cherished Transfer Scheme.

(9) It is the responsibility of the Seller to notify Plate Master in writing or by email*, before a Buyer is found if any of the following apply:-

  1. (a) The Seller is no longer the owner of the Registration Mark.
  2. (b) The Seller is no longer the owner of the Donor vehicle (and the Registration Mark was not first transferred to a V778 Retention Certificate).
  3. (c) The Seller wishes to withdraw the Registration Mark from sale.
  4. (d) The Donor vehicle is stolen or destroyed before the Registration Mark was transferred to a V778 Retention Certificate.
  5. (e) The Registration Mark cannot be transferred due to the Donor Vehicle not meeting the conditions of Transfer specified in clause (8).

Should we find a Buyer prior to the Seller's cancellation, we shall expect to receive the necessary documents without delay. If the Seller fails to meet his/her obligations then he/she will be responsible to indemnify Plate Master against any action taken against Plate Master due to the marketing of an unavailable Registration Mark.

*The Seller may notify Plate Master at

(10) Plate Master cannot guarantee any specific time period for a Buyer to be found or for the DVLA to complete the Transfer process since neither are under our control. In addition, no responsibility can be taken for any subsequent change the DVLA makes to the Transfer rules.

(11) The Seller will not be liable for any DVLA Fees, although if applicable, the Seller will have to obtain and fit a set of replacement Number Plates to the Donor vehicle after Transfer approval by the DVLA and subsequent re-registration of the Donor vehicle.

(12) For cases where a Registration Mark is held on a certificate (V750 or V778), the Seller is responsible for ensuring that the certificate is valid at the time of Assignment to the Recipient vehicle and/or for ensuring the amendment of/addition to nominee details. I.e., the Seller is liable for any renewal/amendment fees (DVLA Fees) of such certificates.

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