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We all know how hard it can be to find a gift for someone that really means something to us. We've all browsed through the shops and struggled to find that special present for a loved one. And what happens? We end up buying something typical.

Well, your problem may be solved. Buy a personalised number plate from Plate Master. Whatever number plate you purchase, it is guaranteed to be unique. A true one off! A personalised number plate is something that can be kept indefinitely and can easily be transferred onto another vehicle - they won't lose it!

A personalised number plate search for someone is easy. Simply use the search box on this page. Just type in their names and click search. Alternatively, you could enter their initials or a word. Then simply browse through the results and find them that cherished number plate!

The procedure for buying a personalised number plate is straightforward. If you want help to find a private registration or have any queries you can call us on 01642 363030 or email us at

Have fun searching for a personalised number plate for someone!

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