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A Personal Number Plate for a Birthday Gift

Are you struggling to find a loved one a birthday present? Is it a special birthday? Perhaps it's an 18th, a 21st or a 50th? If you are seeking inspiration, we have a suggestion for you. Purchase them a personalised number plate for their birthday. They don't even have to own a vehicle to receive one since the number can be supplied and held on a certificate indefinitely and assigned to a vehicle when they are ready. This would be ideal for a young driver who is yet to own their first vehicle.

Personal number plates as birthday gifts are ideal since they last forever, making special occasion birthdays unforgettable. Take a look at the example cases below. For each one, the personal number plates illustrated are some of the possible matches that are available.

Thomas Anthony Evans celebrates his 50th birthday on Nov 4th. These would be some suggestions:

'NV' represents his birth month, November, the '04' represents his birth day, the 4th, and TOM is a short version of his first name.
Read as: a kiss 'X' on this 50th birthday with his initials T.A.E.

Lee Samson has his birthday on February 3rd. He owns a car with an '03' number plate (March 2003) - both of these registration plates can be assigned to his vehicle:

A prefix style registration plate, reading Lee (L33) and using the third '3' together with FEB to represent his birth day and month, 3rd February (3 FEB).
L333 FEB
Similarly, a new style registration plate reading Feb 3rd (FB03) and his name LEE.

Luke Taylor, celebrates his 17th birthday on July 12th. His parents have just bought him his first car, his main birthday present. After a search, these suggestions would be returned:

A kiss X on Luke's 17th birthday. Ideal for his new car.
Read as, J for July, his birth month, 12 for his birth day and an abbreviation of his name, LUK.

Both these personalised plates would be ideal for Uma Howard who celebrates her 21st birthday on September 31st.

"Spelt out", a big kiss for birthday girl, Uma!
K155 UMA
Read as, S for September, her birth month, 31 for her birth date and UMA, her name.

As mentioned, registration number plates can be supplied on a certificate, potentially within three days, making for an ideal birthday gift arranged at short notice. If you require our transfer service, we can keep the whole process a secret so that you can surprise them.

Personal plates make great personalised gifts and they're affordable! Each number plate is truly unique, since no two are the same.

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