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A Gift For Valentine's Day

Bestow your Valentine with a cherished number plate! Each year we all wonder what would make a special gift for our loved one. We have the answer. Get them something totally unique. A personalised registration number! Perfect.

Buying your Valentine a private number plate gives them something that will last indefinitely and at the same time you show them what they mean to you!

What about these number plates for Valentine's day?

Searching for a personalised number plate for your Valentine is easy. Simply use the search box above. Just type in their names and click search. Alternatively, you can enter their initials or try using a word. Sit back and browse through the results to pick the gift of a personalised plate for your lover!

The procedure for buying a personal number plate is straightforward. If you want help to find a private registration or have any queries you can call us on 01642 363030 or email us at

Good luck with finding your Valentine that one off personalised plate!

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