Are Tinted Number Plates Legal?

Are Tinted Number Plates Legal?

You may have seen cars driving around the UK roads with darker than normal number plates. These are called tinted number plates, and if you've seen them you might find yourself asking the question: are tinted number plates legal?

The answer is no, tinted number plates are not legal in the UK. The same goes for tinted gel number plates.

Tinted Number Plates UK

There are strict rules and regulations around number plates, relating to the characters, background, all the way down to the material used to construct the registration.

Number plates need to be reflective and easily read by ANPR cameras as well as by the police. This is so your vehicle can be identified if required, and since your registration plate is the way your vehicle is identified, it cannot be obscured in any way.

A tinted number plate does just this - obscures the registration, just like if it was dirty. This makes it difficult to read for ANPR cameras and by the police, particularly in the dark. It is therefore illegal to have tinted number plates on your vehicle in the UK.

The DVLA considers a tint to obstruct the registration, and the entire reason for a yellow or white reflective background on black characters is that the black offsets against these colours the most, making them easy to read.

Tinted Number Plates UK Law

If you tint your number plates, or buy tinted number plates in the UK, this makes the characters blend into the colour of the background of the number plate rather than stand out. This is a big no-go and is illegal in the UK.

If you purchase tinted number plates from a third party, this is illegal and not fit for purpose on UK roads. You are, however, able to use these kinds of number plates as "show plates" but they must not be used on a vehicle.

If you do have tinted number plates in the UK on your vehicle, there is a fixed penalty notice, or a fine, of £100. You will also have to have your number plates removed and have legal ones fitted.

The police also have the right to pull you over if you have tinted number plates on your vehicle.

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