Can A Car Fail An MOT On A Number Plate?

Can A Car Fail An MOT On A Number Plate?

If you have a private registration, or any registration for that matter, you might ask the question: Can a car fail an MOT on a number plate?

The answer is yes. Your car can fail an MOT because of a registration plate for a number of reasons. The first of which being if your number plate is damaged and is therefore difficult to read for ANPR cameras or by the police.

Number plate damages include cracks that may go across characters, or even cracks and chips to the background that don't affect the characters. All of this depends on which garage carries out the MOT but according to the DVLA, these should constitute an MOT fail.

Will a Dirty Number Plate Fail an MOT?

Yes, any dirty number plates or number plates coated in mud, for example, will fail an MOT in the UK. The reason for this MOT fail is also relating to readability of registration plates by the police or ANPR cameras. This means that if your plate is obscured due to dirt, your vehicle should fail it's MOT.

But there are more ways in which your car can fail an MOT due to the number plate.

If your plate is illegally spaced, for example, this should also be a number plate MOT fail. The same is true if you have illegal characters on your number plate, such as italics or fonts, as well as illegal colours or borders.

Are Number Plate Lights a Fail on an MOT?

Yes, another popular reason for cars failing an MOT is due to the light that illuminates the characters of a number plate.

The light is generally just above the registration, and is used to light up the number plate in the dark, making it easy to read for ANPR cameras and by the police.

If this lightbulb is cracked or faulty, your car should fail it's MOT and you'll need to replace the bulb or fix the issue for it to pass.

Will a Car Fail an MOT if it Doesn't Have a Number Plate Fitted?

If you take your car to a garage or MOT test centre without a number plate, you will definitely fail an MOT.

It is classed as a major defect by the DVLA, and is illegal to drive a vehicle without a number plate in the UK.

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