How To Assign A Number Plate

How To Assign A Number Plate

Assigning a number plate is also known as transferring a registration. This is the process required to move the rights to a registration from a certificate (V750/V778) to a vehicle and is done through the DVLA.

To do this, there are certain factors you need to consider. The car firstly most be taxed and have a full MOT, or be MOT and tax expired for less than six months. It must have been taxed at some point and an age-identifying registration cannot be legally used to make your vehicle look newer than it is.

The vehicle also needs to be registered in the UK, is driveable, isn't a Q registered vehicle, has been taxed or had a SORN in place for the past five years, and it has to be available for inspection should it be required by the DVLA.

To assign a number plate to a car online or by post, the vehicle must belong to you. If it's a new vehicle then you'll need to wait for the V5/C sent to you in the post by the DVLA. Brand new cars can have number plates transferred by the dealer of the vehicle, if you give them the V750 or V778 document. Finally, if you already have a private reg on a vehicle you own, you need to apply with the DVLA to remove it first. If not, you could lose the reg.

To assign a registration online, you can visit the DVLA Transfer Service. Once you do this, the reg will be assigned immediately if a vehicle inspection is not required.

You will need to send the full V5/C (logbook) for the vehicle, and the certificate, to the DVLA who will arrange to assign the number plate. You will then receive a replacement V5/C in the post showing the new registration. At this point you can inform your insurer of the assignment of a private number plate and display the acrylic plates on the vehicle. Any applicable tax and MOT records will be automatically updated to reflect the newly assigned registration.

To assign a registration via the postal service, you need to send the completed V778 or V750 to the DVLA, the V5C with a completed V62, and if you're assigning the reg to another person's vehicle, you need to add them to section 2 of the V750 or V778 and put them as the nominee. Once this is complete, the DVLA will send you a new logbook with the new registration. You must immediately put your new plates on your vehicle, and not drive with the old ones on as they are now illegal. You also need to tell your insurance company of the change. You can also keep the old plates and put them back on the car if you choose to sell it or remove the private reg.

There are no additional charges to assign a number plate, as when you purchase a private registration, the cost includes a mandatory transfer fee. If you assign a registration to a car online and your vehicle doesn't require inspection, the change will be made immediately. If you do it by post, it can take up to a fortnight to be put in place, if no inspection is needed.

Depending on post and the DVLA's workload, it can take up to around six weeks for your new logbook to be sent out to you.

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