The UK's Top 3 Most Expensive Number Plates

Now, take a breath! Get ready for a shock! Here are, to date, the UK's top 3 most expensive personal number plates. Bronze, Silver and Gold! And for contrast, the World's most expensive! Come on UK.... the Olympic GB team scored well.... so how about we register some golden plates!

1 D

The record auction reserve price of £20,000 echoed its desirability. Sold in March 2009 at a DVLA auction in Warwickshire to Nabil Bishara, a Lebanese property developer who bought this highly sought after private plate for his wife's birthday.

S 1

Possibly Scotland's first ever number plate and certainly Edinburgh's first, was sold to an anonymous bidder at Bonhams in Chichester, West Sussex, in September 2008. The classic mark was first secured in 1903 by Sir John HA MacDonald, who at the time was the Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland. The winning bidder claimed the cherished plate would be displayed on an old red Skoda!

F 1

Now let's step things up into top gear. The record price was set for a British vehicle registration number when businessman Afzal Khan paid a total of £440,625 for the Formula One initials. The Bradford entrepreneur assigned it to his Mercedes-Benz McLaren, which cost £200,000 less than the number plate. The historic plate, first issued by the Essex County Register of Motors in 1904, was sold at a DVLA auction in January 2008.

Discover the World's Top 5 Most Expensive Number Plates

We in the United Kingdom may be the most fanatical about personalising our vehicles and as such you might expect the most expensive personal number plates to be registered here. However, this is far from the case. The Middle East and South East Asia are homes to the most expensive plastic plate motor accessories in the World as the table below demonstrates. Prices have been converted to UK sterling.

£1.24 million

Abu Dhabi, UAE

£1.56 million

Hong Kong - February 2008

£1.58 million

Abu Dhabi, UAE

£3.5 million

Abu Dhabi, UAE
The top two had to come from the Arab world, didn't they? Sold to Talal Ali Mohammed Khoury of Abu Dhabi, for 25 million Dirhams (£3.5 million pounds) for this single number! Claiming that these numbers have no significance to him, he also blew £800,000 on the private plate "55" too! How much money do you have to have to act and think like this?

£7.25 million

Abu Dhabi, UAE - February 2008
Surely the ultimate of prestigious number plates, this "one" was procured by Saeed Abdul Ghaffer Khouri also from Abu Dhabi for the ridiculous price of £7 million, in 2008. We at Plate Master can't imagine this being topped but you never know!

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