Personalized Plates - The Benefits of Independent Number Plate Experts

Personalized Plates - The Benefits of Independent Number Plate Experts

Choosing a private number plate for your vehicle can be an exciting process, but it can equally become painfully expensive. Many motorists purchase personalized plates officially through the DVLA, but there is a significant amount of hassle involved, this also costs money on top of the price paid for the registration itself!

There are a number of benefits to using an independent online number plate expert. Plate Master specialises in uncovering personal number plates that match people's names or words in many different ways. It uses specially developed software to identify a list of available cherished plates that can represent what each individual customer is searching for. If you are lucky there are often tens of different combinations that you can find just by searching with your full name.

When you purchase a private number plate you have two options, to either self-transfer the plate supplied on a certificate via the DVLA or to use Plate Master's full free transfer service. You can take full advantage of our transfer facility and let Plate Master handle the entire procedure free of charge. Simply post the vehicle's V5 registration document to ensure that the much-anticipated private number plate purchase is completed!

Once you have paid for your plate and fired across the relevant documentation you can simply sit back and relax - your new replacement documents will be sent, by which time you can attach the new personalized plate to your vehicle and drive in style!

The overall registration plate transfer process takes up to 10 days after payment clearance and is extremely stress-free.

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