Huge Figures Spent Home and Away at Private Number Plate Auctions

Huge Figures Spent Home and Away at Private Number Plate Auctions

Wychwood Park, Cheshire was the scene of some ferocious competition in June at the latest DVLA auction of cherished registrations.

The spotlight was on a battle between 3 O and 7 T to see which plate would attract most interest. Taking the prize of over £80,000, 7 T saw victory.

Even though the original T range of registrations dates back to the start of the 20th Century, the suffix varieties - i.e. those with the letter T at the end rather than at the beginning - were never used. Although never issued, the attraction of this classically styled plate was evident.

Likewise, the suffix 'O' series was certain to draw in attention. At previous auctions, 1 O and 2 O had gone for huge sums. The higher numerical prefixes were not expected to command the same figures, but the final bid of approximately £63,000 is still impressive.

Over 1600 registration numbers were offered at the three-day sale. The large variety of plates available would have satisfied an all manner of appetites. For example, A007 SPY and MRS 805S, both went for well over £6K, whereas the more conventional plates DER 6Y, ADS 12 and 96 JS exceeded expectations.

The figures achieved in the UK do not come anyway near the exorbitant transactions that regularly take place at similar market places in the Middle East. At a recent auction in Abu Dhabi, the turnover was in excess of £6m!

The mark '99' sold for £1,116,800 - making it the 8th most expensive number plate to date. In other dealings, '26' and '42' took over £400,000 each. '31', '68' and '720' fetched over £340,000 a piece, whereas comparative bargains '151' and '171' were each secured for little more than a measly £100K.

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