Caravan Man Owns Ronaldo Number Plate. But, "It's not for sale!"

Caravan Man Owns Ronaldo Number Plate. But, "It's not for sale!"

If Cristiano Ronaldo fancies brandishing the number plate CR 9 on one of his fancy cars, he may be in for a little disappointment.

"It's not for sale!" insists Welsh caravan park owner Clive Roberts, despite CR9 being registered as a trademark by the former Manchester United player. Mr. Roberts has owned CR 9 for more than 20 years.

Confirming speculation, Ronaldo has received the number 9 shirt at his new club Real Madrid. Earlier this year Ronaldo's agent registered CR9 at the National Institute of Industrial Property in Lisbon. It will be used on merchandise and is to be the name of a new restaurant/bar.

Ronaldo used to wear the number 7 shirt for United and still does for Portugal, however the Spanish legend Raul has already assumed this number at Real Madrid.

Argentinian forward Javier Saviola relinquished the number 9 shirt as he left Real Madrid for Benfica.

"I thought Ronaldo wore number seven and had trademarked CR7?" said Mr Rowlands, who claimed he didn't know his cherished number plate was a potential target for the Portuguese star.

However, it seems Ronaldo may not be interested in these private number plates anyway. CR 7 was procured by a businessman who had intended to sell it to the former Untied star. Despite newspaper stories claiming CR 7 had been sold to Ronaldo for over £200,000, he never actually bought it!

Even if Ronaldo approached Mr Roberts for CR 9, it would be to no avail, "...I have had my number plate for more than 20 years and it is not for sale."

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