Celebrity Number Plates - Part Two

100 VJ
Vinnie Jones

Football player turned actor Vinnie Jones adds punch to his car with a classic style private number plate! His wife Tanya is just one away with 99 TJ. The eighties soccer hard man said that he was once stopped by an old man who claims to have owned 100 VJ in 1939! Fanatical about number plates Vinnie comments, "They reflect your identity and become a part of you". Given that he's had more yellow cards than yellow plates, what does that say?

Jones, known for his controversial tactics, played for Wimbledon, winning the FA cup with them in 1988, Leeds United, Sheffield United and Chelsea, finishing his football career as player/coach with QPR. Exploiting the tough guy image he established as a footballer, Jones turned his sights to film and TV. He is renowned for his intimidating roles in Guy Ritchie's Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, and more recently as the character 'Juggernaut', the destructive super villain in 'X-Men: The Last Stand'.

Naseem Hamed

The self styled king of Bantamweight and Featherweight boxing, Naseem Hamed, also know as Naz, once flaunted his nickname, NAZ, on his Mercedes McLaren. Hamed, one of Britain's most celebrated boxers adopted the ring name "Prince" Naseem Hamed and assumed the distinguished trademark leopard skin shorts in the ring.

He is also well known for his flamboyant and arrogant style, spectacular ring entrances, unorthodox southpaw stance, and his explosive power. The self-styled legend had made 15 defences of the WBO featherweight title before his only loss to Marco Antonio Barrera in his 37th fight.

2 FF
Fiona Fullerton

Fiona Fullerton, the elegant former British actress enjoys some of life's luxuries. Her and her husband Neil Shackell are devoted Jaguar fans, owning one each and both exhibiting cherished number plates. He owns NS 26. The actress has starred in roles from Alice in the 1972 film Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to the spy Pola Ivanova in the 1985 Bond film A View to a Kill.

She was part of the original cast in the BBC hospital drama Angels before moving on to appear in serials such as The Charmer, To Be the Best and Hold the Dream. Since she retired from acting, she has embarked on property investment and made contact with a new audience with her book Guide to Buying to Let, which was published in 2004. She recently instigated the Property Woman of the Year Awards, sponsored by Bradford & Bingley.

MB 1
Max Bygraves

The man with the catch phrase "Let's play big money" eventually decided to sell his beloved private plate MB 1 which, believe us, is worth big money. Max Bygraves, the renowned singer-songwriter and comedian had this number on his Rolls Royce for over 30 years. The popular initials MB has seen the registration mark soar in value to over £250,000.

Bygraves is perhaps best known for the renowned radio programme Educating Archie and for the television shows Singalongamax and Family Fortunes. Max is the record holder for the number of appearances in Royal Variety Performances by a single artist. He also appeared in films such as Charley Moon and A Cry from the Streets.

Robbie Williams

Robbie William's fans "took that" as a joke when he stamped his Ferrari with this personalised registration mark. Apparently 'Sorry' was the message to his fans for spending so much on a car. Eventually, Robbie opted for something much less conspicuous instead, a moped!

The multi BRIT Award-winning singer-songwriter started his career at the age of fifteen as one of the singers of the pop band Take That. He left in 1995 to launch his solo career where he has sold more albums in the U.K than any other British solo artist in history. Six of Robbie's albums appear in the list of the all-time Top 100 biggest selling albums in the UK.

7 SM
Stirling Moss

Often called "the greatest driver never to win the World Championship", Sir Stirling Moss OBE, the long retired English racing driver has boasted several cherished number plates in his time. Perhaps the two most cherished are 7 SM and SM 7. He's had these since the 1960s. Surprisingly, he doesn't own a car anymore, claiming they're a hindrance (he lives in the centre of London)!

Moss won 194 of the 497 races he entered, including 16 Formula One Grand Prix, between 1948 and 1962. During his career, Moss raced for Maserati, Vanwall, Cooper, and Lotus, as well as for Mercedes-Benz. He preferred to race British cars stating, "Better to lose honorably in a British car than win in a foreign one".

Tommy Walsh

Britain's best-loved handy man Tommy Walsh, made famous by the popular gardening programme Ground Force had probably purchased the most "fitting" number plate amongst the celebrities. The DIY maestro assigned "MR. DIY" to his lorry that famously appeared in the show. Tommy has appeared in a lot of similar shows including, Challenge Tommy Walsh (with Alan Herd), Trading Places and Our House.

Tommy is a man who embraces a challenge and when people are short of money, there's no better time for him to embark upon his largest project yet, to help fortunate families make their home bigger and better. The last we heard was that the celebrity builder was hoping to sell on MRD 1Y to another DIY fanatic.

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