Number Plates fitted between 1st January 1973 and 1st September 2001

Number plates fitted to vehicles between 1st January 1973 and 31st August 2001 (inclusive) must display characters that comply with the dimensions of either one of the two groups in the table below (the characters permitted have two valid sizes):

Group 1 Group 2
Character height 89 mm 79 mm
Character width (except the figure 1or letter l) 64 mm 57 mm
Stroke (thickness) 16 mm 14 mm
Space between characters 13 mm 11 mm
Horizontal space between groups (A12<->ABC) 38 mm 33 mm
Vertical space between groups (two line plates) 19 mm 19 mm
Top, bottom and side margins (minimum) 13 mm 11 mm

Note that these regulations do not relate to the actual year a vehicle was registered, they govern number plates fitted to a vehicle after the 1st January 1973 but before the 1st September 2001.

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