The use of the Euro-symbol and national flags

The voluntary display of the Euro symbol and the GB national identifier is permitted on vehicle number plates. This will dispense with the necessity to display a separate GB sticker when travelling within the European Union.

The symbol must conform to the EC Council Regulation 2411/98, which states that the height must be a minimum of 98mm and the width must be a minimum of 40mm (maximum of 50mm). The background must be of retro-reflecting blue with 12 retro-reflecting yellow stars at the top and the distinguishing sign of the member state, GB, in retro-reflecting white or yellow. Such an example is illustrated below:

SC07 LND number plate showing Euro symbol

The voluntary display of national flags together with national identifiers is also permitted on vehicle number plates. Vehicle owners will be provided with the option of displaying either the Union flag, Scottish Saltire, Cross of St George or the Welsh Dragon together with the optional literals (identifiers), England, ENG, Great Britain, GB, United Kingdom, UK, Cymru, CYM, Wales, Scotland and SCO. Here is a valid example:

EN51 AND number plate showing St.George's flag

Those who opt to display a national flag or symbol on their number plates instead of the European circle of stars and GB identifier will be required to continue displaying a separate GB sticker when travelling outside of the United Kingdom. No other symbols or emblems are permitted such as football team crests.

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